IT Consultancy Services

Companies which do not incorporate the department of Information Technologies, which do not do not employ Information Technologies staff and which get this service as Outsource within the scope of consultancy request IT consultancy services from professionals for installation, administration and maintenance of server, network and computer systems.

Some questions which need to be answered when making a choice for IT Consultant are as follows:
● Does the consultant have knowledge about the sector that our company operates?
● What kind of plus values can the consultant provide?
● Has the consultant ever provided service in this field?
● How many years of experience does the consultant have?
● How many projects has the consultant completed so far?
● What kind of projects has the consultant ever got involved?

IT Consultancy is an important factor of Information Technologies. You, therefore, cannot consign your system to someone who is non-professional and inexperienced. I provide installation, maintenance and configuration services of IT systems and equipments on the basis of needs of companies as a certified and professional IT specialist.

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IT Service Solutions I provide as an MCSE certified professional System and Network Expert:

● Service Solutions Of Windows Server

• Installation of all versions of Windows Server operating systems in Windows Server products family.
• Installation and configuration of Domain the Forest environment on-demand.
• Performing Windows Server licensing.
• Detailed configuration of all server roles and services after Windows Server installation.
• Performing migration from pervious versions of Windows Server operating systems to a newer one properly.
• Setting up high availability of Server roles and services against an event of failure based on company needs.

● Service Solutions Of Mail Server

• Installation of Exchange Server and configuring in detail.
• Performing Exchange Server licensing.
• Setting up high availability of Exchange Server after its installation.
• Performing migration from pervious versions of Exchange Server to a newer one.
• Performing Exchange Server database backup and recovery actions.
• Performing Exchange Server database maintenance.

● Service Solutions Of Cabinet Internal Devices Of System Room

• Infrastructural project design of Information Technologies.
• Providing services of deployment and configuration of cabinet internal devices such as Router, Firewall and Switch and Backup Units, deployment and configuration of other hardware peripheral units.
• Performing necessary technical actions of configuring cabinet internal devices upon completing setting up based on company needs.
• Providing maintenance actions of hardware peripheral units in system room within the scope of maintenance contract.

● Service Solutions Of Backup And Data Storage

• Providing service solutions such as establishing backup policies of the technologies which are of the essence such as Windows Server, SQL SERVER, Active Directory and carrying these backup policies into effect and other service solutions such as physical establishment service of storage units by analyzing according to current organizational structures to carry these backup policies into effect.

● Service Solutions Of Network

• Establishing cabling infrastructure, perfoming cable termination actions on Patch Panels in server rooms.
• Installation, management and configuration of network devices such as Router, Firewall, Switch, Access Point regardless of brand and model.

● Service Solutions Of Virtualizaton

• Establishing virtualization infrastructures with Hyper-V and VMware ESXi virtualization technologies.
• Moving all existing physical servers to virtual environment.
• Moving VMware ESXi virtualization environment to the Hyper-V virtualization environment and the Hyper-V virtualization environment to VMware ESXi virtualization environment.
• Vmotion and Live Migration actions of virtual machines (VMs) in VMware ESXi or Hyper-V virtualization environments.
• Installing Failover Cluster structures for VMware ESXi or Hyper-V virtualization environments against disaster scenarios.

● Service Solutions Of Sql Server Database

• Insallation of SQL Server products family versions.
• Performing maintenance, back up and restore actions of SQL Server databases against a probable disaster events that may occur.
• Performing migration action of previous SQL Server versions to new versions of SQL Server products family.

I have enough experince about the above-mentioned products and services. So, it is possible for me to produce projects and apply them. Privacy of projects are produced on the basis of security.

Please contact with me for details.