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Fırat Boyan 03.10.2020 1

WatchGuard Firewall Installation and Configuration

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What is a Firewall?

Firewall systems aim to control all incoming and outgoing Network traffic, pass it through certain filters, and stop harmful actions in a Network traffic. In this way, Network security is provided. It is a security mechanism that protects your devices and computers on internal Networks against attacks that may come from other external Networks (Internet), and controls Network traffic between internal and external Networks (LAN & WAN) according to certain rules.

Basically, the Firewall decides whether the packets coming to it on the Network can go to the addresses they need to reach (with predefined rules). Protection is provided by blocking the traffic that does not comply with rules specified on the firewall. Firewall systems are divided into hardware and software based. Software-based Firewall applications are generally installed on operating systems on Client or Server. Hardware-based Firewall devices are systems operating on special hardware. Firewall devices or software basically aim to protect the Network you are in against malicious traffic and attackers that may come from untrusted external Networks (WANs) such as the Internet.

While providing this protection, they control your Internet traffic by processing special rules specified on it. If Firewall detects Network traffic that is against your security policy, it provides a secure layer to prevent it from accessing your internal Network and blocks this traffic. Firewall devices create a special layer through which only permitted traffic can pass, and they work by controlling the level of communication between external Networks (WAN) and your corporate or home Network (LAN).

I will show the basic Firewall setup process on the Firewall with the brand and model of WatchGuard T15 in this essay.
You can access the product information of the WatchGuard T15 series Firewall device on the WatchGuard Firebox T15 page.
You can get information about all WatchGuard products from All WatchGuard Products page.  

Firewall Device Connection Configuration

1- Before proceeding with the installation process, I would like to mention how a Firewall is located on the Network and how the device cable connections should be made at the most basic level. All Firewall devices, regardless of brand or model, basically have two basic ports, LAN and WAN.

WatchGuard FireBox

LAN Port is used for your Internal Network; WAN Port is used for your external Network.

According to this;
• Assuming you have a Modem, a telephone cable with RJ11 connector used for Internet is plugged in to the RJ11 Port on the Modem.
• It is connected to the WAN Port of your Firewall device with a CAT cable from any of the RJ45 Ports on the Modem.
• After this connection between the modem and the Firewall is made, it is connected to any ports on the switch with a CAT cable through LAN port of your Firewall. All computers and other Network devices in your Internal Network (LAN) are also connected to this Switch and taken under the Firewall security umbrella.

WatchGuard FireBox
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