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Fırat Boyan 01.10.2020 0

Mechanical HDD? SSD HDD? - Viewing the Disk Type Installed on the Computer with PowerShell

I will show you how to view the disk type that you can run on Windows 10 (Pro) or Windows Server operating systems and from the Powershell console in this technical hint essay.

There are two main types of disc. These are;

HDD (Mechanic)

In fact, both disk types seem to be different in theory, but both are HDD (Hard Disk) devices. One is Mechanical HDD and the other one is SSD HDD device. If you are using the Windows 10 Pro version operating system, it will be enough to open the Powershell console (if it is not prohibited by Group Policy) and type the following command in order to see the disk type installed on your computer. The same can be done through the Powershell console on any Windows Server operating system.

You can view all the disks installed on your system with the command below. You can view information such as disk types, disk sizes, health status of disks in the output of this command below.

Get-Physicaldisk | Format-Table -AutoSize  


You can obtain filtered information in the Select query with the command below.

Get-Physicaldisk | select FriendlyName,BusType,MediaType  



Another syntax is as follows. You can get the filtered form of the information returned in the Select query in this form.

You can access all information with the star (*) parameter without filtering the Select query by using the following command.

Get-Physicaldisk | Select *  


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Author: Fırat Boyan

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